Turning people's heartbeat into a collective experience


In collaboration with:

Alessandra Angelucci
Ramona Banfi
Ginevra Rudel

→ transformers.com

Beats is an interactive system designed to involve the crowd in the show and connect clubbers directly with the Dj.

Beats wearable technology relates audience to pulsating lights detecting the heartbeat and movement.

In this way, people attending the show become active participant and, at the same time, are able to communicate their amusement to the stage.

In the concept development phase, we looked at all variables in the system: The main actors (dj + participants), the context (club) and the whole experience (synergy between different people to achieve the same purpose).

The goal of the workshop was to learn how to design advanced artifacts that are able to translate a whichever experience through a tangible interactive product.

To do this, we refined the product design by sketching with Processing, we prototyped with 3D printer technology and we used an heartbeat sensor, a LED and a Genuino UNO.

Beats interactive wearable assigns 5 different colours (generated by LED) that shimmer, changing and pulsate, depending on the two detected parameters, providing a sort of "human pattern" experience that also creates club's scenography.

The Dj, thanks to an interactive display, is able to mix visual effects, switch off/on lights and building excitement in the crowd.

The "human-pattern" becomes a tool for the DJ to measure the audience's engagement.