In collaboration with:

Alessandra Angelucci
Giancarlo Gianocca
Ginevra Rudel

LACurban is a tangible social network for teenagers that brings them to LAC – a cultural and arts center on the banks of Lugano Lake – by connecting them to each other and with LAC through specific topics developed and shared by young people. We aim to involve teenagers (14-18) in confidence building activities with LAC topics and spaces using tools and a specific language.

Through a youth oriented, strategic placement of digitized tags accompanied by a mobile application, the youth can connect to the dedicated urban network and share their works in any form of multimedia of their choice.

The playful nature of the LAC urban experience is critical because it allows the youth to explore artistic and cultural themes in a language of the youth and for the youth. It gives them the opportunity to connect and interact with like minded peers through functionalities like comments, chats and appreciations. It also steers their creativity and pushes their boundaries through theme based challenges, curated by an in-house LAC mediator.

By sharing content and discovering intriguing topics on the LAC urban portal, the youth are instigated explore the happenings of LAC, but also to access the urbanKiosk — a digital totem that displays all the shared content and their approval ratings. In a sense, it also allows the youth to have their own space within the LAC umbrella. It provides them with a free space to express their views on art, culture and their city. In their way, the youth idea of expression is valued, and in a way legitimized by LAC and all its audiences.

↓ LACurban Mobile App Demo