A poetic awakening


In collaboration with:

Ginevra Rudel


→ Business Ideas 2016
SUPSI / USI – Lugano

We designed Nuvola, an interactive lamp that wakes you up with the sound and the light of the outside weather, giving you also the daily weather forecast.

The concept is to inform the user about the weather, before he stand up and look outside, or open the window. We found that with the light and with nature sound It is a romantic way to wake up in the morning. It can be interesting to know immediately the weather when you stand up because this can help your mood, you wake up better if you know that the sun is shining outside, and then you can maybe get up slowly. Or maybe if it’s raining you immediately know that you have to move because you have to take umbrella and other clothing and maybe you can’t go to work by bike or on foot and you have to go by bus.

Throughout the project we always remained tied to the idea of ​​the lamp-clock shaped cloud. This representation we thought was a poetic way to represent weather. The cloud is the element that invokes the collective, meteorology. We have therefore developed a basic structure of a cloud shape, in which are inserted the electronic components.

To the base structure it is then applied a covering which covers the cloud and which makes it more geometric and stylized. The coating is made with a pattern composed of triangles of Plexiglas applied on a cotton fabric. The structure is also designed to let light through lightweight, so it's nice to wake up.

The alarm in the lamp is programmed via an app and via Bluetooth signals it receives the weather information. Depending on how the weather is “Nuvola” transmits a color ranging from yellow, if it's sunny, to the purple, if there is a storm, with the light that simulates a flash. The sounds that are emitted by the lamp are related to the time it’s outside. Through two motion sensors, passing the hand under the lamp, the user can see if the weather will change in the day, or turn off the lamp. We tried to develop a functional object, with a nice design and that’s associated with a 'pleasant experience during waking up.